Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Encounter

I lived away from home since I was working in the city. I stayed in a boarding house, just the simple one and ten minutes from my workplace. The place before was burned two years ago but now reconstructed. It was a two storey house, the boarders are situated in the upper storey made of wood and the owner stayed in the lower part made of concrete facade. It has seven rooms.

My room was located in the far right end just overlooking a terrace. My first stay was unusual. I sensed something strange. Usually at night, I could hear the tapping of shoes in the center aisle and the steps of footprints just near my door in the hallway and then vanished. Not only that, I could hear the scratching of the wall and even the roof.

I usually out from work at dawn around 3:00 o’clock. My beau was with me. As we were about to go upstairs, someone was following behind our back, a filthy old woman carrying a basket. We moved fast, she moved hastily with a sad looking face intruding our place and went upstairs to the bathroom.

One Saturday night, I stayed in the boarding house to wash away my clothes. It was about past twelve midnight when I was finished. I was alone in the comfort room, as I opened the door, only to find out that old woman again standing right behind the door. My heart beats faster; I felt shocked and moved directly to the terrace to hang my clothes. That old woman was not there anymore so I went to the kitchen to brush my teeth. I felt strange in my back as if someone was watching me. I heard someone is approaching, I could hear the footsteps in my back..my nerves were cracking. I could feel the coldness in my neck; I looked back but found nothing. I held a small mirror just to glance my teeth...only to see a strange face, ugly as it could be in the mirror behind my back. I shouted with all my might and left everything there without turning back. Running to my room and locked it immediately. I felt shocked and unable to sleep. That was my greatest nightmare of all, my encounter, unknowingly terrified. Was it a ghost? A witch? An intruder? This question lies in my memory and wanting for answer.

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An Encounter
By: Cheryl Estorgio

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beyong those Feelings!

Howdy everyone! How was your weekend? I'm pretty much sure you enjoy your weekend not like me..quite a bit.I went home to my hometown,as usual that should have to be... visit my family,my mama and three sisters with my beau.

If you are going to ask me what I fell right now.I need to say something.I need to speak my mind but it's hard because I fear the reaction.How are they going to react? What will they say back? I fell I was disgrace..huhuhu!I hate myself to feel this way.I rather put this to writing.

I feel lost in the forest without direction. Envious of those around me tasked with the responsibilities I have dream of doing all my life.

I feel tired in body and mind. Struggling along the road not because I want to, but because I feel obligated despite my need to rest.

I feel grateful to what I already have. Willing to sacrifice even my childhood ambitions to see that what's in front of me will never be taken for granted again.

I fell I was alone crossing the bridge where I was with..not wonder where it takes me.

I fell oblivious of the fact that someday,somewhere and somewhen I will overcome all of this plight and meet tomorrow.

I feel bad about those people who accuse me of that without even examining themselves that they are just nothing..they did not even know the shoes I step to.

I feel that in a few hours none of this will matter. Not for my own fears. Not for my own insecurities. Not for you. Not for me. Because I'll be somewhere else far away from here. Somewhere else where none of this should matter.

I feel like taking the trail of my life, in the place where I could gaze up the sky lying in the sand and mesmerizing the cold breeze of the sea, looking beyond the horizon with the person I love through eternity.

Inspite of all this feelings I fell right now.I was struck by the fact that I need to hold on to pursue what I have started. I will share to you the poem that captivates my heart.

Hold On

There have been times in my life
when all seemed lost.
Life just wasn't worth living
through another day.
Then you need to remember things
that are important to you.

For as low as we fall there is always
something or someone, somewhere,
to help pull you back
from the deep pits of darkness.
Once you feel yourself slipping
grab on to that something or someone.

We wonder why life has given us such
a bad deal. This is not to question.
Love, Hope and Faith will guide us.
Look around and find the things
you need to live for.
If we look hard enough,
we will find the place we need to be.

Hold on for your loved ones,
hold on for yourself. God will take you
when he needs you. Until then
make the most of what you have.
Give the most that you can,
love the best you can,
And never lose hope.

Each morning you wake up
Thank God you are still alive,
to live another day to find your way.

Life is truly worth living for, if you look.
Find that place you need to be
And just hold on.

Ann Taylor

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

The Damsel Journey

The Damsel Journey

Well if you see my blog now,it's just plain "no post at all" since I am just starting to create a personal journal in my life journey. Bluntly speaking, I'm a private person- a secretive one.But sometimes for a change,so to speak..here I am sharing with you my interest,anything about me.

I consider myself a damsel of all those trying situation I am with just like in a European fairy tales frequently features damsels like in Evil witches trapped Rapunzel in a tower, cursed the princess to die in Sleeping Beauty, and encircled Snow White into a magical sleep. In all of these fairy tales, a valorous prince comes to the maiden's aid, saves her, and marries her. That was my fantasy.

Join me in my journey and we'll start sailing.


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