Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tramigo T22 - Personal Asset Tracking Device

Tramigo T22 is the world's first truly plug and play portable tracking device available for all the GSM markets, more than 220 countries and areas. Tramigo T22 can be used for hundreds of different purposes and in as many ways; when ever you need to know where your loved ones or your assets are and what is their current status.

You can use T22 with text messaging in your local language. Tramigo has inbuilt map of your area with thousands of landmarks and allows you to add your own landmarks such as home, office and friends. You can simply check the location of your important assets and loved ones with user-friendly SMS commands.

Tramigo T22 needs only a normal SIM card (prepaid or postpaid) of any operator and is ready for use, there are NO other charges than the text messages sent or calls made from Tramigo T22 to your phones.

How and where Tramigo T22 works

Please get in touch with Tramigo for more information of the best way to purchase your Tramigo T22 or join the Tramigo family in your country or area and become Tramigo distributor or reseller, please contact


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