Friday, August 1, 2008

The way things are!

This blog used to be my daily journal but because I been so busy lately I could no longer post frequently. You can still visit me at Damsel Quest.

I been so strange this fast few days. Things bother me so much and I always asked why? Why connotes a lot of answers. Last day, when I went home I was caught with a long traffic in Ayala going home. With heavy rains falling over me and I forgot to bring my umbrella so I went home so wet. I thought I was in the arctic with snowflakes. (Why is Snow White?)

When I got home I saw an insect on the wall but no! spiders are not insects.( Why are Spiders not Insects? ) I don't know where it came from. Mistaken as spider woman? Such a non-sense thought.

That day we had some misunderstanding with my beau on few things. I thought my best was just enough but you cannot please anyone. It's just the way things are! We reflect in a different way, as men and women do. ( Differences about Men and Women )

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